Basement Ideas

Being exiled to the basement, you should never be punished! Today, homeowners with a basement see this space as a first class area. Entertainment room, game room, multimedia center, music room, poker room, fitness area, office, of course, this is the original purpose, namely storage space, designed to create a new space of life. The […]

Designing a Home Gym in Your Basement

Do you want to practice at home? Take a look at your personal basement to meet your personal training goals!   Silence, people apologize for that! Rain, children’s schedules or limited gym time will not affect your daily commute to basement. The basement does not resonate at home because of the low temperatures and noise […]

What is a Man Cave?

All of this requires personal space. If associated with a woman, it is called a “house” and extends to the kitchen and dining room in the home area and bedroom. Once the personal space becomes a member of the house, we are talking about the “basement.” It can also be called “garage”, “attic”, “shack” (but […]

Basement Bathroom Ideas

If you want to add a bathroom at home but the budget is limited, please consider downstairs.   “You can install a shower in the basement without having to add a square foot outside the house,” said Fred Freyley, owner of the Quartet House Repair Company. “Adding a shower with a new base and footer […]

Choose the Right Basement Flooring

The floor plan options in the basement are not really different from the floor options in the rest of the house. From ceramic to hardwood, everything can be used on the basement floor.   What role does your cellar play at home? This is the first question to answer before determining the best basement floor. […]

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