4 Easy DIY Ways to Finish Your Basement Stairs

As with every other area of your property the steps will ultimately put on out and have to be replaced or refinished. This is also true for that basement stairs. Since they’re more generally uncovered to moisture, there is a greater possibility of developing rot, mold, along with other serious problems that can impact your home’s value as well as your wellbeing.


Here’s what you ought to learn about refinishing or replacing your basement stairs, including costs, different style methods, and just how to maintain maintenance.


Refinish or Rebuild?

Although refinishing versus rebuilding your overall stairs appears such as the apparent choice, it isn’t always the best choice. It’s vital that you know when you refinish so when it will work better to construct a brand new staircase on your own. Here’s what you ought to decide.


Will They Function Correctly?

First question: perform the stairs function correctly, and therefore are they comfortable to work with? If the solution to these two questions is absolutely, you’ve got a good candidate for refinishing instead of rebuilding. Stairs on older homes are usually narrow and steep, particularly the stairs lower towards the basement. These were created for shorter individuals with smaller sized ft, so they’re frequently uncomfortable for individuals of today’s standards.


Could they be in Decent Shape?

It’s okay when the treads from the stairs are becoming soft or starting to fail. What matters more may be the framing beneath the treads. The stringers from the stairs are what offer the steps. If they’re cracked or rotten, they ought to be replaced-and thus must your whole staircase. If they’re in excellent shape, you can easily refinish your stairs as lengthy as you desire the initial layout from the stairs.


Refinishing the Steps

There are several available alternatives when refinishing your stairs. You are able to use a carpet, make use of a carpet runner, overlay the treads with vinyl, or depend on stain or paint to own stairs a brand new look. Listed here are the benefits and drawbacks for every:


Applying Carpet


  • Pros: Carpeting is a well-liked method to refinish stairs. If installed correctly, it’ll provide your stairs a brandname-change, as well as your stairs could be more functional, much more comfortable, and much more quiet than ever before.


  • Cons: Regrettably, carpet also has a tendency to collect moisture and may are afflicted by mold issues if put into a moist location. This prevents carpet from as being a functional choice for basements as well as for stairs which come in from outdoors where individuals will walk with moist footwear.


Lay Down a Carpet Runner

Instead of a whole carpet that’s place in for permanent use, consider using a carpet runner.


  • Pros: Installation is simple-simply staple it into position. It is also very affordable. Plus, it’s very easy to exchange for those who have difficulties with mildew or mold.


  • Cons: Because it’s thinner than basement, it isn’t as comfortable just to walk on.


Putting lower Vinyl

  • Pros: Resistant against moisture and cleans easily. It doesn’t are afflicted by moisture as much as carpet does. It is also very economical and straightforward to exchange when it’s about time.


  • Cons: Based on your choice, it isn’t as aesthetically appealing as wood or carpeting.


Painting or Staining

If you want the feel of basement, it’s not necessary to hide your stairs whatsoever. Rather, try painting or staining or stain your overall stairs to provide them a like-new appearance. First, though, it’s vital that you sand the steps lower and obtain them very clean. This can help with either product for any lengthy-lasting finish.


  • Pros of painting: It’s probably the most affordable options, also it provides excellent results when done correctly. A latex floor paint is durable and can hold on through lengthy periods useful. It will put on out with time, but you’ll get years of quality performance from your stairs before you need to consider applying a brand new layer of paint. Another major advantage of using paint instead of stain is you can choose nearly any color for the stairs.


  • Cons of painting: Most paint will mask the grain from the wood underneath and your steps from searching such as the natural wood they are manufactured from.


  • Pros of staining: Ideal for natural searching stairs having a wood-grain that shows through. Apply about two jackets of stain towards the stairs after which safeguard all of them with 3 or 4 jackets of the durable urethane product. This mix provides you with the stylish natural look and also the color that you would like.


  • Cons of staining: Less selections of color.


Preserving Your New Stairs

Once you take time to refinish your stairs, it’s vital that you maintain them regularly. When you get carpet you have to vacuum it quite frequently and cleanup any spills utilizing a carpet shampooer prior to the stain has an opportunity to occur the fibers. Vinyl ought to be taken and cleaned served by the ground cleaner regularly, and stain or paint ought to be cleaned with water or perhaps a mild cleaner and regular sweeping.


The Expense Involved

If you want to repaint or stain your stairs, you could possibly complete the work for under $100 with respect to the price of the paint and coating product which you buy. Should you opt for carpet or vinyl you’re likely to spend a great deal in addition to that though. Carpet will probably cost you a couple of $ 100 just for materials and the other approximately 200 for installation. Carpet runner could be more affordable than that and can still likely cost around 200 dollars. Vinyl floors could be acquired for relatively cheap however, you should still be prepared to spend around 200 dollars on materials after which another couple of hundred to get it installed unless of course you’ll perform the work yourself.


If you want to replace your stairs or even the treads of the stairs, you’re searching in a much greater bill. The lumber alone to do the job will definitely cost around 200, however the labor to complete the job might cost between $300 up through $1200 or even more to obtain the new stairs place in based on complexity and size. Gather some quotes before you select anybody to complete the job so you are aware you’re not having to pay an excessive amount of.

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