What is a Man Cave?

All of this requires personal space. If associated with a woman, it is called a “house” and extends to the kitchen and dining room in the home area and bedroom. Once the personal space becomes a member of the house, we are talking about the “basement.” It can also be called “garage”, “attic”, “shack” (but hopefully this is not “the right place”).

Whenever a person decides to include some rest in his space, it can be called a “human cave.” Most people have caves in the basement. In these places, people can return to the most formal area of ​​the house to engage in interesting activities without fear of confusion or simply informing them of any incomplete repairs and top-level renovations.


Two kinds of man caves

Some caves or men’s rooms are designed to receive a group of close friends. These rooms usually include a wet bar, fridge, flat-screen TV and a comfortable seating area. In fact, the “social” man’s cave is a great place to hold informal meetings, such as watching baseball or hand-made cards. Billiards, table tennis tables and indoor vegetables will be very popular in the cave.

Another type of caveman is more personal. They are usually prepared for one or more teams. Many “nostalgic” “personal” man caves. Toy trains, old cars, signatures, old gadgets, old CD players or pinball machines are typical. These places can show you the items you like without having to worry about whether they will change the decorations above. Individual caves such as wine, whiskey and cigars can also be tailored to the whims of the food.

Man cave decoration

In the cave design of the community, dark colors are usually dark materials such as stone, wood, steel and leather. Most importantly, the material should be easy to clean and durable. The concept is to get rid of the embarrassment that usually controls the rest of the house.

In a personal cave, the decoration is usually compromised. Collectibles are usually just decorations. Think of it as a gallery of things you like. Maybe you have a variety of old tools or classic tin toys. Maybe they are old coins, stamps or vinyl and turntables. Some shelves and lights on the screen, even a desk, are enough.

Obviously, you will find many ways to design caves for men because there are men. A quick online search for “Men’s Cave Ideas” or “Best Man’s Cave” or “Men’s Cave Image” will show many examples. There is no doubt that many of them are men’s caves, including anti-corrosion walls, national football helmets and countless old license plates. Other drugs have also been improved for limited lithographic prints, cigarettes and cigars.

However, in real life, men’s caves often collect “existing” materials and second-hand furniture for free. The idea of ​​spending money to buy a caveman eliminates his goal!

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