Basement Ideas

Being exiled to the basement, you should never be punished! Today, homeowners with a basement see this space as a first class area.

Entertainment room, game room, multimedia center, music room, poker room, fitness area, office, of course, this is the original purpose, namely storage space, designed to create a new space of life.

The basement is defined as all or part of the underground space. This should not be confused with the home tracking space because another element of the definition is that the person must be able to stand in the area.

The square foot of the basement is usually equal to the square foot of the first floor. In most homes, it’s like having another living space, which can add a lot of space!

The option to use this space is only limited by imagination, as this space is usually equipped with electricity and piping.

The basement can be divided into several rooms or have a large open space. If this part of the house is “completed,” consider yourself lucky. If not, or if the space is in the To Do list, consider some issues before proceeding with the project.

First, it is important to identify “problems” such as low ceilings, enclosed boilers and canals.

Second, the basement should not leak. Uncontrolled moisture can cause many serious and harmful problems, including mold growth.

Once the basement problem is identified and corrected, the next step is to determine the design of the space. This can be a daunting task, and a good way to get started is to identify activities that might happen at this location. Looking at photos or watching what others do is always helping to wake up the imagination.

Keep in mind that there is almost no natural light in the basement, so keep this in mind when planning your development. But it will definitely move this space slowly, and you will wonder how you would live without it!

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