Choose the Right Basement Flooring

The floor plan options in the basement are not really different from the floor options in the rest of the house. From ceramic to hardwood, everything can be used on the basement floor.


What role does your cellar play at home?

This is the first question to answer before determining the best basement floor.


A place to store your belongings

If your basement is primarily used as a warehouse rather than as additional living space, you will get an attractive floor that is easy to clean with a few good coats. If you want your imagination to fly, use duct tape or a mask to create a pattern on the floor. In any case, paint may be the most cost-effective choice for flooring. If you do not like the result, delete it again!


Many owners are closing the basement to give more space to their home. The way you use the basement also determines the type of soil you need.


Your child’s playground needs a hard floor, but it is better to have a softer floor. In the basement, carpets are generally not recommended due to the risk of moisture or flooding. However, if your basement is waterproof, the carpet and liner provide excellent cushioning and maintain the warmth of the basement.


The floor of the family room may vary from one piece of furniture to another. In a well-sealed basement, the wood floor gives the room a feeling of warmth and similarity to other rooms in your home. The tiles are durable and easy to clean, but they are cold. Therefore, a surface buffer may be useful.


Underground soils are usually constructed to reduce the damage caused by cold and wet concrete soil. Keep in mind that even a moisture barrier does not protect your home from flooding. Due to the persistence of moisture in the underground subsoil, the wood will rot and mold to form a house.


Water sealing

Whichever method is chosen for the basement floor, if you hold the basement airtight before laying the floor, you can better protect the floor, the house and the property. If you have repeatedly encountered problems with moisture, leaks or floods, it is best to contact a warehouse specialist to find the best way to solve your problem.


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