Jazz Up Your Basement Ceiling – You Can Do That

I helped a friend complete his cellar, but I don’t know which type of ceiling I want to install. There are several options, for example: as a conventional drywall, gutter panel, soundproof brick and ceiling. We analyze each option.


In drywall ceilings, most pipes and conduits must be placed in or outside the cavity of the beam. Then, a wooden frame should be placed around all objects hanging under the ceiling beam. Then, we should place a flush strip of wood where it needs more strength. It is necessary to use concealed and framed frames to ensure a firm support when completing the ceiling. Due to the low cost of materials, Drywall seems to be a good choice, but we are not willing to glue and grind it in the future.


Sound insulation bricks are another option. The tiles are small in size, easy to cut and easy to handle. They were installed by sewing them in a flat strip, but we had to move the pipes and pipes again to create a frame suitable for a beautiful flat roof.


Then we consider using the T1-11 groove and the tongue. Again, we should lay the pipeline and the cost is high. After some thinking, the appearance of this product is not what he wants.


Then we look at the standard folding roof, one of the simplest solutions for covering the basement beam, but he doesn’t like the idea of ​​hanging and cutting the rails, which reminds him of the old office building. It seems that cost is also a factor.

Then one day, when he was shopping with his family, he saw a shop doing things on the roof, almost nothing. He asked the owners what they had done and said they had basically cleaned the pipes, then used them, and then applied all the paint to a color using airless spray. It’s perfect, we don’t have anything to move, and we don’t need to frame and overcome anything that provides more space.

Our only concern is that some power cords or natural gas lines cannot be painted. If in doubt, contact an expert or inspector before painting. What I am saying is that this industrial-style roof is not only cheaper but also looks good after the project is completed. I wish you a smooth project.

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