Basement Bathroom Ideas

If you want to add a bathroom at home but the budget is limited, please consider downstairs.


“You can install a shower in the basement without having to add a square foot outside the house,” said Fred Freyley, owner of the Quartet House Repair Company. “Adding a shower with a new base and footer or tile, the new side and the new roof will easily cost more than a third of the basement tub.”

Fred said that it is generally not acceptable to sacrifice the originally estimated space in a bedroom or other living room. The structure of the basement means that in addition to reducing costs, there is already at least one wall (or more in the corner). Zinc will increase the price when existing walls need to be repaired.

Be careful with your homeowner and choose sanitary ware and toiletries. First, ask their budget holders. Then he said: “Because of this series of fees, we can show you the products, or we can make them into showrooms and choose products that fall within your cost range.”

According to Fred, the bathroom in the basement costs about $15,200. Plumbing is perhaps the most important element. These prices come from the cost of any small 6-foot bath and eight 8-foot ceiling tubs. However, many basements are limited to 7-foot-high roofs.

The attic is another potential economic place for new bathrooms. Fred said: “We took a shower on the third floor, but from a plumbing point of view, people may be complicated.” “You will need a drain that is at least 3 inches in diameter and should be placed in Underneath each ventilation system of the house to ensure that the ventilation system is working properly.” He said that the low ceiling on the third floor may limit the actual installation of the baby shower.

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