Basement Bathroom Ideas

If you wish to add a bathroom in your house but possess a limited budget, mind for that basement.


“A shower may be put within the basement without adding sq footage towards the exterior footprint of the house, states Fred Freer, who owns Four Square Restorations Corporation. “Adding a shower with a brand new foundation and footer or slab, new siding and roofing would easily cost one-third greater than a basement bath.”

Sacrificing otherwise valued space from the bed room or any other living area is usually no recognized alternative, Fred states. Building within the basement implies that a minumum of one wall (or more within the situation of the corner) may already exist, and in addition it cuts down on the cost. When the existing walls have to be refinished, though, zinc heightens the price.

He works carefully using the homeowner to pick plumbing fixtures and merchandise for that bathroom. First, he asks the homeowners for his or her budget. Then, he states, “We are able to either demonstrate to them product for the reason that cost range, or we are able to cause them to become visit showrooms and select products apt to be within their cost range.”

A basement bathroom could be designed for about $15,200, Fred estimates. Of this, plumbing may be the largest component. These prices derive from costs for any small bath calculating about 6 by 8 ft, with 8-feet ceilings. However, many basements are restricted to some 7-feet ceiling.

Another potential cost-saving place for a brand new bathroom may be the attic room. “We have done some third-floor baths, but individuals could be complicated from the plumbing perspective,” states Fred. “You’ll need a minimum 3-inch-diameter sanitary drain, and you’ve got to tie that in below every other vent in the home to ensure that the venting system to operate correctly.” Plus, low ceilings within the third floor might limit effective installing of a baby shower stall, he highlights.

Updated: November 5, 2017 — 8:23 pm

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