5 Must Haves For Setting Up A Basement Bar

When setting up the basement bar, you must prepare some items, otherwise the basement bar will not be the real bar but the basement it claims. Of course, there are other things, such as record players and pool tables, that really raise the bar. However, consider the following five basic elements to set up your own bar in the basement, spend a night with friends, parties, games, and add other features when you can afford it.

There must be a basement no#1

This may seem obvious, but to have the best bar in the basement, you really need a traditional basement. There are many benefits, including being completely different from the rest of the house, so the noise doesn’t spread and can block people above you. Of course, you can create a basement bar in a space called the basement, but the real basement bar needs a basement.


Must have #2 bar

Ok, the obvious second requirement is a bar. The basement bar needs to be designed as a bar for beer and gives the impression that the basement bar is truly authentic. You can buy a ready-made bar, hire a carpenter to build it, or you can buy it yourself and download step-by-step instructions from the Internet to try it yourself. When you have a basement and a bar, you only need some accessories.


Must Have #3 A Keg

Kegeraotr is a cold bucket that keeps the beer cold at all times and is ready to serve you when the underground bar is open. When you can drink beer directly from the bucket, you don’t need to buy six packs and throw the beer bottles into the bar. Draft beer is very special and can make your underground bar more.


Must Have #4 An excellent TV

No, you don’t need the largest screen TV on the market, but it will help you. Buy the largest LCD TV you can afford, and if your basement is small, you can buy a TV that’s perfect for that space. This will allow you to watch the Super Bowl, the National Basketball Championship and other great matches.


Must Have #5 Comfortable Seating

This seems to be versatile, but it is really important for the basement bar. If your friends are playing poker or football nights with you on Monday night, they need a place to relax and have a draft beer. So make sure you have a stool around the bar, a comfortable sofa and armchair around the TV, and your poker table nearby so you can sit wherever you are.

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